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    Any way to waterproof factory covers?

    I keep my skis at a marina for the season, always with the cover on. But, after a rain the foot wells are always full of water. Any products out there to make the covers water proof? My only concern is making them waterproof won't allow the cover to breathe and maybe creating more of a problem than helping.

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    Rain-X spray...a possibility (never tried it)

    Still dumbfounded why the covers aren't waterproof already...

    I've have the same problems with all of my ski covers, including the mildew (stachybotrys chartarum) build-up because they allow water to seep through, evaporate, but the evaporation does not exit quickly enough and causes the mildew to build up under the heat & moisture/vapor combination

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    Having the same problem with lots of water in the foot wells... The cover is not waterproof!

    Wondering about tent spray for waterproofing.

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    I've used Kiwi tent waterproofer 4 times on my 2 covers. It works well, but still I always get a little water through the cover. There are other covers out there such as the jettribe ones which look a lot more waterproof than the factory yamaha ones.

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    3M Scotchgaurd

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    I need to look into something like this also

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    im having the same problem with my new fzs cover .cougerkiller is right 3M Scotchgaurd will be the only thing i use
    great idea

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    I wonder how well that Nikwax stuff would work. I've heard people talking about using it on thier boat covers before.

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    Some boat folks swear by 303 high Tech Fabric Guard for their canvas, but not sure if it'd work well with ski covers.

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    +1 on the 303 Fabric Guard. I use it on my boat cover and ski cover. Check out this comparison:

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