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    1 gtx shutting off

    Hello, just got my first seadoo, and first problem at same time. starts out ski wont power up, pull fuse back by battery and reinstall, lights come on and go out soon as tried to star, no click nothingjump selenoid, cranks great,, battery and connections are good and tight. opened up elec box under hood, pull out mpem and check fuses, all ok. start moving wires around and relay on the amplifier or what ever the small box is clicks and ski will start up, move mpem, shuts off. ive checked all the wiring, all pushed together tight, crimps are tight, ive held mpem still and moved wiring and it does same thing, clicks relay in and ski will start, move wiring, it shuts off, keep wiring tight, move mpem, same issue, ive twisted mpem around till wiring is tight and put it in the box like it comes and it will start and act like its against limiter, wont throttle, like limp mode, mess around some more and revs fine. i would tell myself its a wire, but ive checked them over and over,,im thinking its mpem, but makes no sense that if i keep it still and the wires going in it still does it if i move the wiring little further away with other hand.... ant thoughts greatly appreciated. beeper does not work, but you can sorta tell its trying to beep when it does power up,,, also when put lanyard on nothing happens till you touch start button, i think thats normal tho? thanks, Dan

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    Sounds like broken copper inside the insulation. You will have to use an ohmmeter and check each wire individually while wiggling them. Start with the larger power wires.

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    find someone with a MPEM that is for the same motor and see if it still happens...or just buy a used MPEM and start there.

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    Id say u need to check the wires.
    Sounds like when u increase electric current the wire might be breaking down.
    Cheaper than a used mpem

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