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    Playing with fire?

    Hey all. I have 2-2005 rxp's. They are both at about 200 hrs. Have been maintained throughout the life of the skis. My question is I have not replaced the valves in the engines of either ski. Am I asking for trouble. I live in Florida and the longest the skis have ever sat was 5 weeks but it's rare for them not to be dropped in the water and ran longer than a two week time. It's now spring/summer time so I'm really not interested in digging into them right now. Opinions? Thanks.

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    You running the skis often should be keeping the valves lubricated pretty good. I would wait till winter then pull the heads on both and go ahead and slap ferrera valves in and install the riva valvetrain in them both.

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    im in the same delema .. im up in canada so we get only a few months to use our skis.. but if my ski sits and i know i wont be using it for a week or two i will fog the engine..... and the fog it real well in the fall before winter. Jerry has said as long as i run the ski and fog regularly it isnt a 911 issue but should be addresed at some point. I plan on riding this summer and doing my valvetrain next fall.

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