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    Starting up/Accelerating full speed problems?

    Hey everyone, I recently received a 1997 Kawasaki 900 STX jetski and I noticed that whenever I first took it out into the water it seemed like it was a little hard to start up at first, but after warmed up it was fine. Also, whenever I first started accelerating it seemed like it would not be at full speed and would zoom forward (accelerating fast) and then seemed like it would switched to a lower gear and go slower. For example, it would go about medium speed, then hit to full speed for a few seconds, then switch back to medium. It seems like after 5-10 of riding and warming it up it would not experience problems like this and would go its full speed/start up no problem? Anyone Ideas on what the problem might be? I was thinking maybe spark plugs or the battery for the start up dilemma.. any help? Maybe even just old age of having this thing around for 15 years. Thanks guys!

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    Hard starting when cold isn't unusual. A lot of people install primers, which squirt fuel into the carburetor throats. Most primer kits are designed for you to remove the chokes and install the primer nozzles in place of the choke shafts, but I prefer to leave the chokes in place.

    You really ought to warm the engine up for a few minutes before running it hard. This is because the pistons can expand faster than the cylinders, which can even result in engine seizure. I hope you haven't done that, suggest you run a compression test before doing anything else. Also, tell us what the spark plugs look like when you remove them.

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