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    Foam in TOPS Valve???

    2005 RXT.
    .2 hours on engine since rebuild.

    Have the engine back out of ski to get the water/oil pump seals replaced - dealer failed to put oil seal in before installing the rotary seal. I have had the engine hanging for 3 weeks waiting on the PTO cover to get back to me. Finally ready to put it back together tonight. Figured I would double check I had the valve timing correct and had the valve cover off. When I pulled the hose off the TOPs valve (between valve cover and TOPS) a couple drops of water came out. Looked in the hose connector on the TOPS and there was some foamy material where the TOPS valve opens and closes. Is this normal by chance? If it matters, the 1st .1 of an hour the ski was running, I had the wire on that oil pressure sensor reversed so was getting the oil pressure fault code.

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    most likely condensation.....

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