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    Accelerator Pump bypass question

    Will somebody please give me the carb setup for bypassing the accelerator pump on a stock 98 gsx-L?

    I have read a bunch of post and the all say just do the recommended re-jetting why bypassing the a/p. also I have only found the specs with aftermarket flame arresters.

    I want to know the recommended:
    Pilot jet size
    main jet size
    needle valve size
    spring rate
    high and low speed adjuster settings
    recommended pop-off pressure

    With everything stock. Any help with this would be awesome!

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    If you want to remove the accelerator pumps just bend the arm away.
    If you are only disabling the pumps you only have to up size the low speed jet to a 87.5 and open the adjuster 1.5 turns.
    It may start to load up with too much fuel if idling around for a1-2 minutes but a blip of the throttle will clear it.
    Everything else remains stock.
    If you are putting on aftermarket air filters then you will have to change more components as you have asked but not required in this situation.

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