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    FZS R&D grate Riva HKS BOV

    Hi all thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Just got my new R&D intake grate and seal kit.Do you silicon in the seal kit?What silicon do you use?
    On the Grate i was going to silicone around the bolt holes front and back will this do?(loctite 271blue 40nm bolts)
    Also got the riva HKS bov kit there was a brass threaded nipple what is that for?(also came with the T peice to go in the vac line from map sensor this is what i was going to use)
    Sorry for the noob questions im at home on dirtbikes this is my first ski so bit of a learning curve!
    Thanks ALL

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    I'd guess the brass nipple is provided incase you opt to drill and tap your intake for a vacuum source.

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    Here is a link to the directions I used:

    As for the brass nipple its used when you either tap the manifold or use the R&D Multi-port

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    I used 3M 4200 Fast Cure for silicone. You can use 5200 too, but its more permanent. The riva instructions posted by Yellow93 are good. Only thing I would say is to use red 271 loctite, not blue... red is much stronger.

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    I used the pump seal kit and black silicone to seal in my grate. No issues.

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