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    Starter will not come out - HELP

    I removed the 2 bolts but the starter will not come out. I have the engine out and the starter case open as I am replacing the stator? I am afraid to bang it out from the inside of the case.

    Any suggestions?

    2000 Polaris SLX 1200

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    Drive it out from the inside. It may be pretty stuck in there if you are dealing with a saltwater ski

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    You don't have to remove the starter to replace the stator.
    You will need to pull the bendix out and then the flywheel.

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    I know I dont have to remove it but I want to. Its stuck in there. If I have to remove it I will have to pull the engine again. I figure I should get it ready for that in the case I ever have to replace it.

    And yes its a saltwater ski.. Read my note on the picture above. I need to know what I should hit to knock it out. I dont want to hit that gear if I dont have to. I tried once and it didnt budge

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    Spray the area with PB Blaster and let it soak. Keep doing that and trying to drive it out. It will eventually come. If you try to pry it from the other side you will break it off.. What you have pointed to is the nose of the starter. Use a large punch on it and it should eventually come out. You might have to keep soaking it for a few days.

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    I tried soaking it in that stuff. I am goign to heat it with a torch and bang it out.

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    if you haven't got it already, do not bang the washer that you pointed to. just punch the gear itself. once your done, let us know how you did.

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