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    Vaccum in gas tank?

    I'm ironning out some bugs with my xlt. My buddy took the gas cap off at the end of the day after it had been cutting out on us and he said there was a huge vaccum when he cracked open the cap. Bad vent check valve? Luckily i ordered one earlier this week but i was just curious if anyone else had experienced this. My #1 cylinder is running lean. The engine started to cut out when we were in rough water. Thought maybe it was running out of gas so we turned it to reserve and it ran fine for about another 30 mins. I'm thinking somehow switching to reserve released the vaccum pressure so the engine could get more fuel? It runs at about 4 mph but i have to feather the choke to keep it going. compression checked it and the cylinders were fine.

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    when ever I open cap on a hottest day it goes pssssss on me.

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