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    Domestic Ignition Interchange-ability

    I have the Ebox and stator for my 1997 Hurricane - In great shape, don't think it is the updated kit though....

    I also have the Ebox and stator from the 2000 SLH - I have to verify that it is working, but I think it is functional...

    My question is what, if any, parts are interchangeable? And what should/can I use for my Hurricane. I assume the SLH system is better, but will I have any problems with compatibility for the hand controls/MFD. Can I just use the CDI from the SLH?

    Suggestions? (Assuming everything works)

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    If you want to use the stuff from the SLH you have to use all of it. Stator, CDI and coil. You can not mix and match between the two systems. The other electronics will be fine to use. Just the ignition components are not compatible with each other.

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