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    Polaris MSX 150 Overheats

    I just picked up a 2004 MSX 150 with only 20hrs on the clock. When idling for 3 to 5 minutes the internal cooling circuit overheats to 200 + degrees (using a thermo reader) I replaced the thermostat; no help. The freshwater circuit works fine; exhaust cools great, lots of water flow. The internal cooling circuit acts like it might be airlocked but anti-freeze flows to the ET tank from the return hose when light pressure is applied at the tank. Runs fine except of course it goes into limp mode when the overheat icon appears and the red light blinks. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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    Are we talking when you are on the water or trailer?

    If on water problem;
    Iidle (and above) take the cap of the coolant bottle and check you have a nice strong flow coming back into the bottle from the bleed line. If not suspect water pump impeller failure.
    Do this when cool, dont want to unscrew the lid when hot.

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    Take the cap off the coolant closed system bottle and check for flow into bottle from the line coming from the pump at idel. If starting out of water make sure you have it in reverse or engine will rev up on its own. If no water the pump gears may be broken.

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    It does not have a good flow running into the bottle; just sputs in when hot. And, it happens with the fush attached or in the water. It does act like no coolant flowing thru the water pump or an airlock.... Can't seem to pin it down, I was just assuming with such low hours that the water pump was fine but maybe not.
    Thanks for the input.

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