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    limit rpm et chauffe sur MSX 150


    If you can tell me where does the fault of my jet, it would be really nice to help me.For there, I can not target the problem. . My jet runs between 6500 and 6800 turnregulates min and 80 km and then it locks out security chauffe.Au slowed heatershuts off and the problem persiste.Bougie changed, been drained etc ... thank you in advance everyone can give me conseils.bonne day.

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    MSX-150 / Bosch Trouble codes

    7800 is max, at which time the rev limiter kicks in.

    7000-7800 If the boat does not reach peak rpm, or target boost pressure, check for poor quality fuel.

    6800-7000 Can be knock sensor failure, or poor quality fuel.

    4800 is max when overboost is detected (stuck wastegate usually).

    5800 is max when the ETB sensors don't match (there are 2 sensors, that constantly check each other).

    Vern says if the IFB module is bad, it will limit it to approx 3400 -3800 rpm.
    The boat thinks it’s stuck in reverse, and there isn’t any dashboard warning light.

    1800 is max, in the event of overheat.

    Error Messages
    P0120 = Throttle Position Sensor: Plausibility Error..... Indicates the readings from the two Throttle Position Sensor signals do not agree.

    P1602 = Throttle Valve Learning: Conditions Not Met.... Indicates the conditions during Throttle Valve Learning procedure weren't correct. Can be caused by problems in the Throttle Valve Actuator, Throttle Position Sensor or Pedal Position Sensor Circuits.

    With the machine running, pull the main power relay and back of machine(think the one hanging on metal bracket-brown color-I think?) give it few min. then plug relay back in this might reboot ecu and it will pick up new values?

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