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    How many hours can we expect the 215 to go? Implant project

    How many hours of run time are you guys getting out of a 215 or 255 hp Sea Doo engine in a Sea Doo fiberglass boat (not PWC) before having to rebuild? I am thinking about installing one in a 18' aluminum boat and am wondering how many hours of normal operation I can expect. Any aluminum boat/4-TEC conversions on this forum? Also will be looking for a jet pump that can take some abuse, sticks and small gravel that may get thru our intake grate with 1/2" open spacing. Any ideas? Does anyone have a coupler that has been made to couple the Rotax to a conventinal pump, American Turbine, FloPro, Agressor Jr., ect? Thanks for all feedback.

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    There would not be any difference in a boat or PWC to the motor. A PWC maybe be harder on the motor. The supercharger should be rebuild @ about 100hrs.

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