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    NOT a pwc.. a mercrusier BUT im hoping for some help with this plug!

    this plug came out of a 4.3 v6 mercrusier..

    long story short , its a boat that was given on exchange for a job and the guy had reciepts that it was winterized and stated it ran good..

    we got it out there after checking basic stuff like oil ect and after warm up it ran like crap.. backfiring ect... we decided to change the oil/gas and plugs..

    well this is the FIRST plug we pulled out.. what would cause this????????
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    Something very not good.

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    Whats that whistling noise? jtskier11's Avatar
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    That looks almost like electrolysis. Other plugs look the same???

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    Can you post the S/N of the engine.
    It can be either:

    Never change the sparkplug...
    Lot of load on the engine (bad propeller size)...
    Overheating cause by bad spark plug heat range...

    How the other spark look like?

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    to me it looks like it has been in way to long
    but i suspect it is something more than that
    it may have been rusty after being left for a long time and all the rusty stuff has burnt away

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    Do a compression test and go from there. It's either going to use that BPR6EFS or a BR6FS most likely. Your serial number will seal the deal on that one. If the flame arrestor is gone, it will be on the stbd side of the block, above the starter on a rivited metal tag.

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    check your inlet manifold studs, i seen something similar on a v8 in a boat and the studs had corroded and was leaking salt water onto the plugs.

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