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    I think I might have a problem need advice on this one

    So im working on the supercharger upgrade and i looked in the rear of my hull and found this bolt in pict, I traced it back to one of the bolt holes for the sponsons. Will it leak now that it broke off the bolt on the outside is still in the hole and secured im just wondering if this will cause a leak in my craft?

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    Is there anything holding the bolt in now?
    I would replace it with a new bolt, I had a sponson bolt come completely out during a race and when I stopped the ski almost sank,

    Either go back with original stuff or just get another S/S bolt the same size with a nylon inserted lock nut and a big washer, also put lots of sealant in the hole before you push the bolt thru,

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    If you take out the bolt and replace it then it will not leak.
    Leaving it broken and it can work its way loose and leak.
    Sounds like an easy fix. Maybe put some silicon on the new bolt to make sure it doesn't leak.

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    It seems to be a bolt that the outer bolt, bolts into if that makes sense and im running the stock sponsons but thanks for the advice ill definitely fix it before it goes in the water again.

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    that is the stud that the sponson bolts to, yes replace it before you put the ski in the water. i have a whole set from my RXP if you can't find any, i can spare 1 or 2 easily.

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