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    2007 rxp vts problems

    The vts on my ski works fine, but if I put it to high I think is shorts out somewhere and gets stuck and blows a fuse, and to get it working again I have to pull the motor and spin it down by hand... Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix the issue?

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    First guess, your limit switches inside the vts are blown. Replace vts.

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    Ok sounds easy enough, thanks

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    Please help me:
    I have a problem with one of the skies I just got.
    04 Rxp all stock.
    Turns over, great compression, gauge, ECU, MPEM all good.
    But it does not run. One of the codes is 1505. ( upside down sensor )
    Can I bridge some how upside down sensor to see if it will run???
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