Just put my polaris back in the water for the summer did great for about 1 hour then it would start to bog down if i went over 25mph and the rpm would jump from around 3 to 6 xrpm and would cut out if I would leave throtle all the way in what could be causing this any help ? dont see any water in fuel filter its a brand new tank of fuel was empty and the oil injection tank is full, now when it would jump in rmp it would take off then bog back down and do this over and over im not sure what to look for never worked on ski's but cars all my life

it is a carb not fuel injection system 2 new spark plugs also

it will fire up and run idle no problem at all set there for 20 min idle and soon as I go to move it would jump up and down hold around 25 mph and then take off then bog back again