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    Will somebody explain to me exactly what "bucking" is and what causes it? I keep seeing it referenced in the threads and do not quite understand what it means.

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    Bucking is an issue for people riding Yamaha pwc's. It happens when you have the idea of selling your Yamaha and buying a Seadoo, the Yamaha's clever ecu sense your thoughts and throws you off (bucks you off)!
    On a serious note it is an issue more commonly found on the FZR/FZS range of Yamaha pwc's. Their is a sticky in this forum for you to read all about it and the solution is to change your intake grate to a more suitable item.



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    its when you ride at wot and let off the throttle of a fzr fzs. the ski starts to wriggle and become unstable like a bucking bronco hence the name. alot have been injured when this happens. changing the grate for an after market one cures the issue.

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