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    Question Thoughts on a possible ski or ski project

    Hi everyone, I am new here and just wanted to hear if you guys have some thoughts on this jet ski that I found on CraigsList. I know CraigsList is a buyer beware kinda place so I wanted to see what you guys thought. I am looking for something I can have fun on and keep as an ongoing project. It sounds to me like this one needs some work but let me know what you think. Being from RI, this one has probably seen some salt.

    Here is the listing:

    Polaris SLT750 jetski for sale, includes trailer, operators manuals , and cover. 1995 model . Good condition. Has a connector for towing inflatable tubes , etc.. Currently registered in RI, will need a battery. Will trade for Landscape trailer preferably 6x12 with drop down gate.

    ...and here is the link...

    Any help is appreciated... Thanks!

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    Welcome to the Hulk! How much??? have ya bartered the price yet instead of trading? I have the same ski and i bought mine for 2200.00 back in 2000. it also came with a trailer rite trailer,manual,life jackets,cover and had ocean pro flame arrestors on it. Has treated me well for all those years and never rebuilding the engine. its also a 3-seater so you can tow a tube!.

    I would say 400.00-1200 for the package is reasonable depending condition of trailer and ski. and...if it runs.. it should go 48 mph and 6250 rpms if going wide open throttle. its a very stable fun ski. it can do 360's if your good at spinning.

    This is also needs to have the carbs rebuilt, change all the fuel lines,oil filter, and both gas filters. AND,, rerouting the fuel system and replacing the original fuel pump with a triple outlet pump. these skis have a problem with the pump getting weak and burning a hole in a piston..

    total costs would be about 250.00 to do this. its a must do.. Good luck! any pics beside these? a look at the engine can reveal any mods or condition. A Compression check would be in order if you go see it.. If you plan on buying a ski, an AGM battery is what ya want to get. its about 90.00 give or take a little.

    I wouldn't use jumper cables to start it..

    From what I see in the pic is:

    A step ladder has been added to the rear which is cool to have. the other thing is, the rear grab handle is actually on the seat! Most are broken off or cracked. thats a bonus too. the ski looks real clean. might have a winner there. Looks taken care of.

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    There's something weird about the bottom paint. It looks like the bottom 2/3 is painted white. I'm almost certain that it didn't come from the factory like that. That could be an indication of a previous repair. Look it over good inside and out and look for any glass work that doesn't look original.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    At a bare minimum you need to get a battery in it and check compression and spark.

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    Thanks for the replies. I am going to take a look at it tomorrow so I don't have all the information I would need yet. Just wanted to see if this screamed "piece of junk" from people in the know. I am not afraid to get in and work on it, I just don't want to be dumping money into a piece of crap. The price I could get him down to is $725 and that price is firm. I will definitely do a compression check... is there anything else I should look for on initial inspection? Is there any way to get it started with a marine boat battery or a motorcycle battery? Thanks again...

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    Welcome to the Hulk neighbor.

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    It actually looks to be in pretty good shape. Even if the bottom was repaired, if it was done well it shouldn't be an issue at all.

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    A cycle battery is fine.. using jumper cables is dangerous, could slip off and spark and blow out the electronics on the ski.

    Check the prop inside the pump and the vanes on the pump stator. try the reverse handle too. 775.00 is a good fair price for all of it I think. If the motor is bad, it will cost ya about 900 for the motor and whatever else you need.. should see 120psi or close all with in 5-10%. is ok. 120 120 80 >you have a problem. 120 ,118,0,, you have a hole in the piston!.lol

    On compression test> Keep the plugs out, hold wide open throttle, use a quality screw on compression gauge, do each cylinder 2-3 times each for 5 seconds, use no oil,cold.

    I hope the gas is new.

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    Hey all, I figured I would follow this up. Unfortunately, this ski was sold before I got the chance to get over there on Mother's Day. Perhaps some things happen for a reason. So now I am currently looking for anything that looks like a good deal. Anybody in the New England area with something to sell? It doesn't have to be a Polaris, I am open to anything. I have been told Sea-Doo, Yamaha or Kawasaki is the way to go. Any thoughts on that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brushneckmatt View Post
    I have been told Sea-Doo, Yamaha or Kawasaki is the way to go. Any thoughts on that?

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    Uhh were all Polaris here so your asking the wrong question LOL, Im sure other skis are good but as some people on here say ours are made in AMERICA or were LOL

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