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Thread: My first 2 skis

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    My first 2 skis

    I just picked up 2 skies for a great deal. Although I need some help.

    96 wave venture - I cant find the flushing hook up, any ideas where it might be.

    97 GP760 - seems to smoke alot, what should I look for or test?

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    I'm pretty sure youre Venture didn't come with a flush hookup. You have to buy an adapter and install it yourself. GP760 could have an oil pump seal bad, if it were mine I'd just delete it and start running pre-mix.

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    The wave venture does have a flush hookup. Mine has it right under the main seat. Should be right near the seat mount

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    May need to get the carbs cleaned

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    Welcome. Do a ton of reading here (search is your friend) and do all the preventative stuff NOW.

    A lot of people buy skis, rush to the nearest water, and then find all the problems (or worse, blow them up) and it can really ruin the ownership experience right at the beginning.

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