AWA ALERT: Monterey Bay, California. Tell NOAA that only facts and science should influence public boating access, not baseless opinions.

Posted 12.21.06

NOAA has never conducted an Environmental Assessment, nor asked the PWC community for input. Instead, they are proposing to ban personal watercraft with studies conducted 3,000 miles away in the Florida Everglades! As if they are good enough to warrant a complete ban on the California coast.
NOAA is taking action to change the way public safety agencies conduct training using Personal Watercraft, which will result with creating impact for emergency service response! AWA H2O Responders need to respond!

Take action now and let NOAA know that personal opinions and the bias input of extreme no-access groups can not justify prohibiting tens of thousands of citizens from public waters.

We need the PWC Nation to send a short comment using the below link. Five minutes of your time is all it takes.

Should this risky scheme by NOAA continue unchecked, it's very likely they will attempt the same in other Sanctuaries. Get involved now for the future of your Freedom to Ride.

Click on Grassroots activism, and make your voice heard.

AWA H2O Responders form Letter - Action Alert
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