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    Talking 2008 Yamaha SHO in Riveria Blue

    2008 Yamaha SHO purchased new July 2008
    HUD: YAMA4431E808
    Located in North Dallas area near Lavon Lake
    Trailer NOT included
    Title is in hand
    Timing chain was broken. A new chain has been installed, but the timing is off at least one tooth on one cam. It will fire, but it's obvious the timing it off

    Motor was rebuilt by Jim with everything balanced, etc...

    Impeller - I don't recall which Skat impeller is installed right now. Probably something like a 13/24.
    Entire hull was stripped of parts by myself and top half repainted Mexico Blue (now called Riviera Blue) and bottom repainted black by Waterworks in Lewisville, Texas
    Riva SHO Power Cooler
    R&D ECU R3
    R&D Cam Gears
    Riva Waterbox
    Riva Billet Driveshaft Sleeve kit
    R&D Pro Comp Clutch Saver Billet Driveline coupler
    Carrillo Connecting Rods
    R&D Pistons (8.6-1)
    Riva Head Studs
    Riva Pro Series Crankcase Main Studs
    R&D Fuel Pressure Regulator
    R&D Fuel Pressure Block Off Kit
    Jim's Modified R&D SHO Rideplate
    R&D Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge adapter (with oil filled gauge installed)
    R&D SHO Multi Pressure Port adapter
    Macc Racing Adjustable Sponsons (The original ones)
    Riva Intake Grate
    R&D Pump seal for Riva Intake Grate
    Riva Power Filter Intake
    Riva (?) Intake manifold upgrade (removal of stock Ribbon)
    Riva Free Flow Exhaust
    Riva O2 sensor/AEM gauge setup (power currently disconnected)
    Jettrim Custom Seat Cover
    Hydroturf Black/White Mats
    Console Display was replaced with a new SHO Cruiser Display also adding Compass and Air, Water Temp Sensors as well as righthand side select buttons for these features
    New Wiring Harness
    Fiberglass Pump Tunnel Re-enforcement
    Riva Pro Series Reduction Nozzle with the 3 standard rings (81,82,83). 83 currrently installed.
    R&D Cylinder Sleeves
    Riva E1 16PSI S/C Wheel
    Odyssee Dry Cell Battery (about 1 year old and has been on trickle charger)
    Center Grey plastic replaced with newer model Black Plastic (This is the part the cupholder and storage bins are built into)

    Factory SHO Cover

    This is a paint blister, not the hull -

    Basically the motor and everything else is free...
    $6850.00 cash, FIRM, you pick it up.
    I have a ceiling hoist to lift to your trailer.
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    bumped because of edit regarding timing chain

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