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Thread: Timing chains

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    Timing chains

    Guys ive seen and heard of several timing chains breaking and when that happens its real bad. Also noticed most of these engines have had cam gears and or cams installed or have been completely rebuilt. I cringe everytime i read the instructions to install the cam gears that tell you to use vise grips to hold the chain to the gear. Do NOT do this. This chain is very small caliber and all it takes is to dent a link in the chain and its junk.
    Instead, use a plastic tie strap if you need to hold a gear to the chain on install, or better yet, if instaling cam gears, remove the cams from the head, then change the gears while the cams are out.
    Reassembly of the cams in the head once the gears have been changed does not require clamping the chain to the gear in any way when reassembled properly.
    Could just end up saving you an engine.

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    Yep I had a timing chain go on me last year. The head was in such bad condition it couldn't be repaired. Luckily nothing happened to the pistons.

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