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    new development electrical over fuel?????

    I posted a thread on here thinking i had a fuel problem and I want to thanks everyone for all there input and help means a lot to me!!!! but my cuz came over and just for kicks yesterday we tested all the electrical and my pulser coil has nothing looked in the book and it should be 90 ohms so i put everything back together and fired it ski up again and the rpm's had to be around 3k and I was able to give it gas and get a higher rpm then i shut it down and checked everything you know plugs and stuff. all looked good so i went to fire it back up and had a lower idle and I could not give it any gas it would just die out like before! So my question is what does a pulser coil do and can this be what is wrong with it i am super confused is there a way to check the stator to see if it is going bad or if it is the cdi box. Thanks

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    Any corrosion inside the electrical box?

    You need every electrical connection to be 100% solid and clean. Corrosion, loose connections or damaged wiring is no good.

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