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    Limit rpm and heated to 150 MSX

    Hello, If you can tell me where does the fault of my jet, it would be really nice to helpm. My jet works between 6500 and 6800 turnregulates min and 80 km, then it crashes Security chauffe.Au slowed the witness of this cutting and heatingproblem persiste.Bougie changed, been drained, etc ... Thank you in advanceanyone can give me conseils.bonne days.

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    Welcome to Greenhulk,
    Hard to understand exactly what is happening from your description.
    If it's going correctly you should see around 7300rpm
    When the red light is flashing what other indication are you getting on the display?
    If you stop it and start it does the fault disappear?

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    Thank you to answer kosh, I have changed kalostat knock sensor and temperature sensor, yesterday j have done a trial run of one hour on a sea agitated, no witness of heater but I have not been able to exceed 6500 was 6800 rev / mi. As I cut the engine and as I witness the ralume flash heating and cutting. If all gonna change my love good j ecu to pass a 180 hp thank you.

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