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    Suggestions for a Prop?

    I know that there will be final pitch tweaking to get my RPMS where there need to be but I need to pick a starting point prop. Mods will be as follows:

    - R3
    - ET LB Wheel
    - Fizzle IC (with dedicated cooling)
    - Ribbon delete
    - Riva Power Filter
    - RRated Free Flow
    - R&D Grate with PPK
    - Jims VX Plate
    - R&D Anti-cav cone
    - Powershot or RRFPR

    RPMS will be verified by PET and I will have a wideband to check AFR's. I had set my mind on a Skat 13/23 Long Blade but want to get opinions on what other people with a similar combination are running.

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    R3 ET lb wheel here. with 84mm nozzle i run a swirl 15/23, if you got a stock nozzle a 14/22 swirl should be spot on. dont know about a long blade though.

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    What psi will that wheel make? The reason I am asking, my ski is very similar. I would benchmark it with the oem prop.

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