As the title says, I had a friend stop and ask if I could help with a problem he was having. So me being the semi-professional repair person that I am said "sure bring it by and we will look at it." What it turned out to be was a 12 ft. boat with a 80 hp. PJS preformance motor. It was made by a company in Florida called VectorWorks. From what I can tell it is a Kawasaki 750 block but has both a PJS head and exhaust. The problem it is having is when in the water you put it under a load it shuts down every time it gets to 4000 rpm's. I opened the Ignition box and thought I found the problem, Whoever put the box back together last time had four of the five wires pinched in the box and they cut one of them completly in two. So, I did my best heat shrink and tape job and tried to make things right but I don't think I fixed it. We tried to test it but the battery failed and I had other things to do. A week later he showed up at my place with the motor in the back of his truck asking if I would try again. Any suggestions? and have you ever seen one of these things before?