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    Cant solve my strange engine problem

    I was wondering if anyone had any input on my problem. The ski starts up fine, seems to idle ok, but when i hit the throttle, out of water, it takes a full second for it to respond, then when it does the engine goes to redline, even if i have let go of the throttle. It is not a sticking throttle or anything, moves fine. Checked compression, leak down test, plugs everything looks good. The only thing i noticed is the sensor on the exhaust manifold broke, and the check engine light is on, but reading up about that sensor, it should only make a difference when ski is in water?

    Another question i had, when out of water, and the engine is revving up, should the wastegate arm be moving?

    Working on a 04 msx 150.

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    This is 'normal' for a Weber powered MSX. When out of the water engauge reverse to limit it to 3400rpm. Sometimes it will settle back to idle.
    A known peculiarity that was never ironed out.

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