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    Battery Disconnect switch/isolator - stereo setup

    I'm looking to install a stereo system on my RXT-X and had a couple questions...

    I'm going to add an additional battery so I don't drain the main and have starting issues. I want to be able to run the stereo while riding and when the engine is off. I'll install a disconnect switch with 1, 2, 1+2, and off position. I'm going to hook up the main engine battery to position 1. Hook up the amp and stereo to switch 2. Question is.. if I switch the disconnect into 1+2 position will it charge both batteries while the engine is running? Will this strain the alternator or main engine battery at all? Or do I need to install an isolator like the one below?

    If the switch is only in position 1, will the stereo system work since it is connected directly only to the second battery?

    Basically I want to be able to charge both while riding and not hurt main battery, but when engine is off I want the second battery to still be able to power the stereo and not drain the main battery at all...

    Any guidance is appreciated, thanks

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    I am also looking into this and this seems like the best way to go. I found it on the Stinger site and checked out the manual and this seems to be exactly what we are both looking for.

    The main thing I am debating is on how big the second battery is going to be.

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    What are your thoughts on both batteries charging at the same time? If I have the install switch and have it in the 1+2 position, will it charge both and not have an effect on the main battery cranking at startup? I essentially want to run two separate systems but be able to charge them while the engine is on...

    Are you going to use a disconnect switch or just use the isolator? Making sure I understand the isolator... it will only charge the second battery once the main battery is fully charged? Just trying to avoid problems when I go a few miles offshore with the main battery... want to be able to listen to music while drifting or bottom fishing

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    Make sure whatever isolator, switch, etc. is marine rated or sealed up really well....

    not sure what you guys are looking at in terms of stereo's, but i've got a full wave audio setup for sale:

    PM me if interested, will talk about price....

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