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    Stupid how-to question.

    How do I hook a hose up to my 09 PX? Just screw the end into the female end poking our to the right of the
    Jet outlet?

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    You got it. Make sure you start the ski before you turn the hose on and turn the hose off before you kill the engine.

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    Don't run the water with a lot of pressure.
    Just enough to get water into the skis exhaust to cool it.
    Don't run it more than 2 min on the hose.
    On the hose can burn up your carbon seal if left running too long.

    Once the carbon seal goes in the open water ur hull is full of water in seconds.
    My carbon seal failed on my 09 gtx i.s. 255 at 140hrs and luckily I was only 100 ft from shore.

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    Nice px.. my 08 px has been 100% issue free.. 54 hrs and bone stock at 70 mph gps..
    My mechanic (Chezzy) tuned the prop and it went from 66mph gps to 70.0 gps.

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