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    I have a 2000 1200 gpr that has a stock motor except for cat con and power valve clips. I also have the 1200 xl 2000 model with the same set up. I would like to pick up some speed on the xl and outrun my gpr. Any suggestions?

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    Not going to happen. Even with a lot of mods I'm pretty sure low 60's is as fast as your going to get it unless you go triple pipes. It just has way to much hull in the water. You could do the basics and throw a GPR nozzle on it to get the hull out of the water, but it wont ride nearly as good. I'm sure someone with a XL/T will chime in, but it's not really worth doing. Thats why you have the GPR to go fast. Mod the GPR not the XL.

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    he is just afraid to get wet.hahaha

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    There are plenty of mods for the xl...just depens on how much $$ you are willing to drop into a 12 year old ski. I've gps'd 66 with my mods listed, and probably can't squeeze out too much more without engine work

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    pokplaya22 what jet's did you go with on the carb's pm me thanks

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    I just began modding my XLT's. The GPR hull is about 100lbs lighter than the XLT. You will be dumping tons of cash into the XLT to get it moving. Upgraded has advised me on several mods. GPR exit nozzle, D-Plate, etc.

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    You need to keep in mind what these ski's were designed for. The XL is a 3 seat "cruiser" you can get it to go a little faster, but its still a heavy ski. The GP is faster and lighter because it was designed that way. Its cheaper and easier to get the GP modded for speed. I'd just do the basics to the XL and enjoy it for what it is.

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