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    Squeal sound

    I recently purchased a 2001 GTX that has been sitting coveted since 2005. Lady time it was used it worked great. I replaced the battery and fuel and gave it a try. Started right up but makes a wicked squealing sound at the rear of it. I was told that since it's sat for soo long it may need oil in the jet pump. I have drained the jet pump oil but wonder if there is anything else I should do while I'm there? The oil that came out was a very minimal amount but didn't look bad.

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    Any ski that sits will for extended time periods will have its issues when its reborn..
    Sounds like the pump needs a good lube job..
    I would premix ur 2 stroke fuel...
    Those pumps that pump in oil to the cylinders are known to take a crap and waste ur engine..

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    Wicked squealing is no good. Take off the linkages and the 4 17mm nuts and pull the pump. Also remove the retaining clip and hose clamps from the driveshaft boot inside. Then pull the shaft. I'm guessing stripped driveshaft splines and PTO.

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