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    05 RXP Runs Rough Then Sort of a Knocking Sound Then goes away...Oil in Hull

    Hey all...searched around and found some similar posts but not exactly as I have experienced...
    Took Ski out of Hibernation this weekend....Fresh fluids at perfect levels I ran her on the hose for a few minutes and everything checked out fine. Hit the lake on Sunday and idled through the no wake...hit the throttle and everything was fine for about 15 secs then she hit the wall. No alarms or oil lights but seemed to go in a modified limp mode (I have experienced limp mode and low oil light on other RXP). It would idle rough then a sort of kocking/chugging sound then it would smooth out then want to accelerate again then run rough and knockish sound again. I had a sickish feeling and swam it back to shore. Threw it on the trailer and began inspecting. My first instinct was oil issue. Checked oil and nothing showed on dipstick. Looked in bottom but count see or feel anything. After doing some thinking I threw in another quart to bring back to correct level and tried again just to see if I had miss read in my driveway. Same issue instantly. Brought home and found oil in the bottom of hull...all that I was missing the first check. Looked on forum and checked shaft, supercharger, etc with no oil residue. Took intake off and noticed more residue underneath which leaves me to maybe think it is Possibly the oil pressure reg and it was forcing it out of bottom of dipstick? Hopefully it is something simple like that. I am going to do tests tomorrow. My issue now is why the periodic Knocking/Chugging?? Anyone out there have similar issue? I can understand limp mode but alarms, codes etc should be present correct?
    Any ideas will be so much appreciated.
    Thanks Forum!

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    You're talking about alot of oil loss after only 15sec... The dipstick should not let oil out the bottom of the top of it is secured between the air box and motor...
    Is there oil on top of the oilcap?
    You can wash it out real good and get some oil pads, place them under the engine, run it on the hose and then look at the pads... That should help you figure out where it's leaking from... Look at the driveshaft seal... Oil will come out of there pretty quick at speeds, but you would probably see oil all over the rear on the hull...

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    Knocking and running rough = change the plugs.

    Oil leak = PTO shaft seal. Check your bailer tubes - they are probably loaded with oil and lots of oil residue under the engine and bottom of the hull.

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    Good Info from both of you...Thanks!! After bfast I am going clean up the bottom and do some more diagnosing as suggested (as well as change the plugs)...that could have been a coincidence on timing maybe with the knocking? Will let you know the outcome.

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