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    Looking at a 99 1200 XLL and need advice.

    Ski is being sold by our local marina. I trust them, I have all the work on my pontoon done there.


    1999 Waverunner XL Limited 1200. 81.5 hours on the clock. Compression tests came back 115, 120 and 120. Ski looks clean and maintained except for the seat top showing some wear/sun damage. They are asking $2995.

    Other notes on the Mechanical Evaluation sheet show all instruments, steering, trim, etc as OK. Comments are "'Unit has rope in jet pump'" and "lots of lime deposits on machine (bottom). "

    Evidently the rope issue is taken care of. That was just the initial eval when the ski came into them.

    My questions are regarding the compression and the lime deposits. 120 is good, correct? But is a difference of 5 psi in one of the cylinders a concern? Also, the hull appears to be free of lime but the steering nozzle, etc has some lime deposits. My question is does this possibly cause problems inside the machine if its showing deposits on the outside?

    What else should I be concerned about that I may be overlooking?

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    I wouldn't worry about the compression, its in the ballpark. I don't think I would worry too much about lime deposits from sitting in the water, salt water corrosion would be a far worse problem. The price is high for a 99 though in my opinion. Never buy a waverunner without a water test ride, especially if you do not want to work on one. They can sound perfectly fine on the trailer, but not able to pull themself up on plane when loaded in the water if they have problems. Possible problem areas on the XLL, XLT, and GPR can be dirty or sticking powervalves (which can break/drop and cause engine failure), bad catalytic converter, carbs in need of rebuild, oil lines loose or off, and poor repair jobs in the past, things like that.

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    Take a flashlight and look in the hull for oil. Which means an oil line might be off or came off in the past. See if you can get some kind of 30 day warranty. And ride the thing for a good hour before you buy it. You dont need to beat on it. Just run it around for awhile. Listen for any strange sounds. Feel for any loss of power. Look at the wear ring around the prop and inspect the prop for damage. If they will let you check the plugs out after you ride it. Listen and see if the powervavles are working. Ask them to remove the powervavle cover on atleast one of them if they are willing.

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