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Thread: 2011 rxpx 255

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    2011 rxpx 255

    Local dealership has two leftover 2011 rxpx 255. I am planing on getting on one to go along with my 2008 gp1300r. Only having one isn't enough. What should my first mods be for it anything need to be done to it to make it more reliable. Like the gp1300r with the pump tunnel reinforcment? I have red great reviews on them just want to make sure I'm not missing anything

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    intake grate first and foremost. you will get a speed increase and a big bump in fuel economy. what type of riding you do will judge what grate you should get. R&D auqavein if you care more about top speed and willing to sacrifice some acceleration and handling. worx or R&D closed course if you like acceleration and handling more and willing to sacrifice 1mph or so.

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    I like going full out but my main thing I do is wake jumping ride at the ozarks or Clearwater lake an then every once in a while I'm on the meramec river. But all in all these bikes are reliable I assume especially with the supercharger?

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    Very reliable skis.
    It's easy to kill them with lack of maintaining them.
    If u take care of it then you can ride all day wot ...

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    Awsome that's what I was looking for thank you guys can't wait to get on one

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