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    Jet ski wont turn over all of a sudden. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    Hi guys so summer is coming and i summerized my jet ski b4 this i started it up obviously to get all the antifreeze out. I have a 2007 rxp 215hp it started right up and ran for a few minutes i than shut it off and changed my spark plugs oil filter and oil. Now all of a sudden it wont turn over at all i dont know what it could be. I also realized i put a gallon of oil in and i was suppost to put 3 quarts is there anyway that could be the issue to much oil. Please give me your input thanks.

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    First thing to do is too check your battery connections. Does it click or anything like that or just nothing? Does your screen light up?

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    you will need to list more info? when you put lanyard on,how many beeps, does the screen show any info, did you disconnect / reconnect battery?
    Go back and check all the items you touched during service and check you reconnected everything.

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    I did wait for two beeps, it wont turn over at all when i press start, i hear the pump go the screen turns on but does not turn. I am not sure what you mean about the click though? I also did check everything to make sure it is connected right i check plugs and filter and coils everything is connected right to my knowldge. The battery is brand new and connected so i dont know what could have happened. Someone told me it could be my starter solenoid.

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    How ever now that i think about it though my screeen does not stay on it just flashes on when key is put on is that normal?

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    Check you're voltage(static)on the battery. You might have had enough for the initial start and then the voltage dropped too low.

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    How long did you leave it run??
    2 min on a water hose or 2 min without?
    Never let it run more 20-25 seconds without the water hose.

    But your guages should stay lit.
    So ur new battery needs charged.

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