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    Price on 2007 GTX out the door price?

    Well it looks like my mom wants her own 4-Tec. She likes being able to idle around the harbor and having the ski not bog or getting gassed out by the smoke and fumes. I was showing her the 2007 line-up and she really likes the 2007 GTX (non supercharged). She really likes the blue/white/black theme.

    So my question is, what would be a good deal out the door with a single trailer? I know a lot of dealers will play your best friend and claim you are getting an awesome deal when in fact you aren't.

    Just thought I would ask what a real deal would be. Thanks.

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    The price on the SeaDoo website lists the GTX @ $10,099. I learned last year as a first time buyer that dealers don't negotiate much. In fact my dealer told me it was a record year for PWC sales. I paid list price for my 2 '06 GTI's last year but the dealer now gives me 10% off on service and/or accessories & also threw in 4 life jackets.

    Oh & BTW I think the GTX looks great in the new color scheme.
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    Go to a Boat Show if you can, thats when they offer the best prices.
    Do not pay retail

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    go 2 boat trader . com & do a search 4 pwc also check out the 06 left overs good prices on them, now's the time 2 buy a water craft dec. jan. befor spring hits

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    Find an 06 model, you can get a great deal on one.

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    2 years free warranty on any new and unused leftover or brand new machine... so buy before spring comes, bc that's when the warranty promotion expires

    do you have any boat shows coming up out there kieth?

    if so, wait for a boat show... since yamaha has some very nice incentives, Seadoo came back to rival the yamaha promotions in the middle of the NYC boat show when i was working... and the promotion is valid only at those boats shows seadoo will be present at, and there's a form to be filled out.

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