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    does a 99 gsx ltd need the battery to complete the circut and keep it running. i know in some cars now, even if the battery is dead and you jump it, if you disconnect the battery the car dies.
    but in some older cars if you disconnect the battery the alternator keeps them running.
    are the jet skis the same way? i find it hard to believe that even though both batteries are shot, if i keep the battery in line they run, when i take off a lead they die.
    i find it hard to believe that both skis have bad alternators or stators!?

    any help?


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    Yup - the battery needs to be there.. Anything less then 10.1 VDC will shut down the DC-CDI (ignition)

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    SeaDoos get power from the battery. The stator/alternator just charges the battery. I needs to be in there.

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    Yup need the battery.

    I had the battery come loose and a cable come off while riding on a rough lake, ski stopped just like pulling the lanyard, that was fun bobbing around in a 2 to 3ft swell trying to get the battery hooked up.

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