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    Whats my 2009 Yamaha FZS SHO worth

    Whats my 09 FZS worth, with 57 hours, Great condition and loadrite trailer? Considering selling it, Thanks
    Including the original cover as well, and recent 50 hour service was done,
    Thanks in advance

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    don't think you'll ever get full NADA for anything, be it pwc, car or bike. check classifieds here as well as ebay to get a real value.

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    There are several factors that will affect the sale. If supply and demand are in your favor and the ski is in very good mechanical and cosmetic condition, you could probably get $8400-$8700 for it with trailer. It is coming into season in the Northeast so value will rise a little but again it will come down to supply and demand along with location.

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    I had lots of action on my 2010 FZS with 34 hours w/no trailer for $9995. I decided not to sell it though . . .

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