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    I had a close call today

    Close call on the water today. My wife and I were returning from lunch at a marina and I raced ahead to retrieve the trailer (I'm very familiar with this launch site). In the rough sketch I made below, you can see my track in green. Unknown to me at the time was that 2 other PWCs were drag racing the cove. Their tracks are in red. The point in this sketch where there is the green arrowhead is where those 2 PWCs both passed by me. Boat #2 passed close enough that I got sprayed by him. They were moving fast.

    I simply never saw them. Yes, I was moving fast into the cove but I had let off the throttle to slow for the no wake zone, otherwise boat #2 probably would have broadsided me. Since this happened, I've been trying to ask myself what I did wrong. Like I said, I never saw them. If they had been moving when I came into the cove, I feel certain I would have saw them. I know that I scanned the cove quickly to look for boats (very little traffic on the lake today) and I am almost certain they were not moving when I entered. As I neared the no wake zone, I was probably scanning mostly to my right looking for activity. None. And then all of a sudden I'm sandwiched between 2 speeding boats. Scared me deeply it did.

    Afterwards I ran them down and spoke to them. They were unaware of the starboard stand on boat rule. They seemed unconcerned about the situation. Boat #2 wanted to race me. WTF.

    I might be at fault for not doing a complete scan of the cove. But I was the stand-on boat. And they were drag racing in a cove. And they saw me. And, after seeing me, they kept on moving anyways. I asked them why they didn't divert and boat #2 guy said "I thought you saw us and you were gonna stop".

    This is a serious lesson for me, do not ever be complacent in a flat water cove.

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    Don't be complacent where ever your are. Don't ever trust others to stop. Sounds like u had a bit of tunnel vision as well. U should constantly scan every 3-5 seconds left and right. Now it also sounds as if they where a couple of numb nuts to but never assume someone else sees you or will stop.

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    Glad to here everything turned out ok..

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    +1 to the above, and - welcome to the 'hulk.

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    Your intuition was spot on. Boating rules and regulations as you have learned only apply when there is effective understanding and usage of them by all parties. That was a close call. Interesting how we inuitively 'get it'.

    360 degree awareness is not easy at speed, it requires due dligience and multi tasking operationally.

    Good of you to review and honestly account for others to learn by. Thank you.

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