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    97 GSI electronics question

    My brother bought a 97 GSI off a lady the other day super cheap. The lady told him it need a cdi and that it was cutting out on her on the lake. I thought that the cdi was part of the mpem board in 97 and if it was broken it wouldn't allow the ski to turn over, but he said he put a battery in it and it turned over and he checked compression and everything was good to go.

    He brought it home today and put it in my drive way. He had to head to work so he asked me to mess with it for a bit and see what it needed. He said the lady told him that her friend took the cdi out of the ski to match parts and she never got it back. I looked under the latch hood and in the front of the ski there are 4 plugs hanging there. I look to the left side of the ski and there is another board on the side of the ski.

    I put a battery in to do a compression check myself and when I plugged the key it in beeped twice and turned the LCD screen on. I hit the starter and the ski turned over nice. I pulled the plugs and checked for spark and it had it in both lines.... I was confused because I always thought that if the mpem was missing the ski wouldn't turn over or beep or have spark.... I hit the starter with the plugs back in (and a tiny bit of gas down the holes) and it fired right up.... It won't idle if I let off the throttle, but if I hold it on a tiny bit it will (almost like the carb idle screw just needs adjusted)

    What is suppose to be plugged into the 4 plugs in the front? Is the mpem gone? Or is that something else suppose to be there? What is the board on the left of the ski? I am all crossed up. Will this ski run like this? Just can't figure out how there are plugs hanging around not plugged into anything and the ski is running.... (guess I shouldn't complain to much though!)

    Can someone chime in and let me know what I am missing and if its ok to run like this?

    Thanks (we usually ride the vintage skis with the start/stop buttons no lanyard style electronics..... so I am lost with this fancy stuff)

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    Pic of the plugs. Other board on the left side there.

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    I had a 97 GSI so I'm very familiar with them.

    The big black slab on the left side is the MPEM. The four plugs in the front are spares for air temp, speed sensor and water temp, compass signal and compass power supply. I think this gauge is used on other models with these inputs and on the GSI they are not used and left there as spares.

    On mine I installed a Tach in the empty gauge spot and wired it into the compass power supply for 12V power, the tach signal needs to have the signal wire tapped into to work. I still have the Tach if you're interested.

    A bad DESS post will sometimes cause the ski to shut off just like pulling the lanyard off. If resetting the lanyard fixes it you probably have a bad DESS post.

    Send me a PM with an email and I can send you a PDF of the wiring diagram.
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