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    How much to offer on a non current model

    I went to the local Yahama dealer the other day as I have interest in purchasing our first waverunner this year.
    At the time, they only had a couple of units on the lot, and I am interested in the VXS. Initially, I was told it was a 2012, however, he checked the computer and found that it was actually a left over 2011.
    I have no qualms about buying a 2011 or a 2012 as they are both new and come with the full factory warranty.
    The price he quoted me was full MSRP for the ski. If Im paying full MSRP, Ill buy a current model year ski which is only $100 more.

    Is it reasonable to expect to pay less for a non current model year ski?

    If so, what is a reasonable amount to offer for a 2011 VXS excluding any rebates or factory offerings?

    Any concerns on the VXS?


    For the record, the next closest dealership is more than 300 miles away.

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    Here's a dealer in northern Ohio selling new 2011 VXS' for $9500. Not sure how close that is to you.
    (not affiliated with them but did buy my skis from them a couple of years ago)

    They list new 2012 VXS for $10,200 as well

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    Left over skis are usually sold with a free extended warranty or some other perks...
    Push them as much as possible for free shizzz... I M O

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    They should discount it a little for you. My dealer discounted my VXR and its a 2012.

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    Im in Alaska, hence the long distance between dealership
    Thanks for the starting point folks, it gives me reference when I negociate with them

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    Anyone have any other info with dealers selling leftovers or good pricing on 2012...I am in Niagara Falls NY area so I would be willing to drive a bit but not to say North Carolina...The problem is I am Canadian and so much cheaper to buy in the U.S. but not everyone will sell but I am finding some that will...


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    Got my 12' FXSHO discounted and free extended 4yrs due to boat show. Might be less wiggle on a VX.

    I test rode one at the Riva boogies and really holds on during turns.

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    If your buying a ski from a dealership / stealership you have to be willing to walk away then possibly come back.
    If they know ur hot to buy they are going to bang u harder in the wallet.

    Yeah they see ur eyes POPPING OUT OF UR HEAD AND THINK $$$$$

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    DarkCanuck----Powersports 360 (see post #3 above) is on Lake Erie about an hour and a half past Cleveland coming from Niagra Falls. Dont know if they sell to Canadians but worth a call

    When i bought my skis from them a couple of years ago, i did the deal over the phone and went and picked them up on the following Saturday. Was out of there in about 45 mins after signing a bunch of paperwork. They were about 2 1/2 hours from where i lived at the time

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