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    Brand new to skis. Getting a polaris SLT 750. HELP..

    Ok. So this is the thing.. ive never had a ski. Found a deal on a 1995 SLT750. Its for sale for 400 dollars just for the ski.
    He gauranteed it to run on lake Nd will start with hose and show.
    He says only problem is 2 things..
    1. It will not idel without giving it some gas.
    2. He sayz its lil slow getting on plane but once it gets on plane it does good.

    He has changed plugs and new batterie. Im somewhat mecanicaly inclined so know alot bout 4 stroke things. I know 2 strokes way diffefent.

    Now. Im going to look/ buy this saturday. WhT do i look for to make shure i dont get burnt? Ski has 150 ish hours on it. No one round here will work on PWC. Exept if they are new and warrantyed.

    I can do anything with a little guidence. What are some ideas as to what may be wrong?

    Also he said he haz a compression tester and will let me test compression this weekend as well. He hasnt yet checked it..

    ANY information will be appreciated. Im thinking carbs need rebuilt. But im not shure how to make shure everything is set back perfect after new parts are installed??

    Also say compression is off on one cylinder. How hard would it be for me to rebuild it myself? Step at a time of course.

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    Check compression definitely. You are looking to see somewhere around 120 PSI or better. All the info you would ever need is on this site. Someone here can steer you to a manual for the ski as well. Not hard to rebuild at all if you are mechanically inclined. At a minimun expect to spend about 300 bucks doing the fuel system upgrades. Full engine rebuild if you did it yourself would probably run you 800~900 bucks. That's a worst case scenario though. If the ski is in good physical condition, you can't hardly go wrong for 400 bucks. If you find a compression issue, see if he will take a little less.

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    I would take my own compression gauge. If he has not checked it, how does he know one is off? I have dealt with enough of the "dishonest" types who know exactly what is wrong with the ski, but play dumb to try and get rid of it quick. Not saying he is one of them, but beware. Also take a bright LED flashlight if you have one to take a look in the plug holes. Try to see any damage on the piston tops.

    Check out this link for a full run down of what to look at/for...

    I would start in the $200 range....... But that's just me.....

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    Yeah take your own compression gauge dont trust his, you can rent them for free, its so easy to check that there no reason for him not to have checked it himself.

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    Idk.. im just worried is all but like i said im trading a motor for it now. A small 5 hp outboard. I only have 200-250 in motor so i maybe alright. But say 1 cylinder is less that 10% weak then should i pass or buy and rebuild? Ill have 250 in ski and 200 in trailer i wanna ski to play with my kids.. thats y im interestex

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    If your trading the motor for it I would take it no matter what as long as the ski isn't just junk. One cylinder down is no big deal. This ski will be absolutely perfect for you and your kids. You will need to upgrade some stuff though regardless.

    Without any motor work you'd be looking at about $340 or so in up grades. If your were to need a new cylinder and piston You'd be looking at around $600 total cost. If you think about it a new ski is about $10000 if your lucky so thats not bad. I would also consider just boring all cylinders .25 over and buying a piston kit for $280 and then you would have a totally new motor for about $750 to $800. I know this post was a stupid amount of links and information but I'm trying to give you a good idea of what you might need to spend. Either way I'd get the ski.

    Fuel Pump upgrade if you dont want to burn up another cylinder

    Triple Outlet fuel pump $45
    New fuel lines throughout $30
    Carb Re-build for all three $160
    New Spark Plugs $9
    Upper gasket set $70
    New Oil Lines for Oil Pump $20

    If you need to rebulid just one cylinder
    First call to Watcon and found a used cylinder in grreat shape for $100
    A new piston here for $75
    Tube of sealant here for $21

    If you rebuild the whole motor

    Top End Kit $280
    About fifty dollars a hole to get cylinders bored $150

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    I bought the ski. Compressions good on first 2 end opposite the pto is gotta small hole in top of piston. Its only got 1 output pump on it. Compression is 125 125 0.

    What do i do now? Can i rebuild just fuel system and that one cylinder or do i have to do them. All??

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    To clarify. The piston with hole in it is the one all the towards the front. Others are good

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    Ow.. and i traded for the ski and paid 100 for the trailer so total invested is 250

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