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    Exclamation Msx 150 help! So close!

    I have 2 2004 polaris msx 150. one has 50 hours and one has 80 hours. my blue one with 80 hours was having a rough time starting and would go over 3400 rpms and 8 mph. i read on this forum to replace the ifb module and i did. now it does 5900 rpms at 43 mph at half boost. i have purchased these skies as bank repos and have no previous history or information so im starting from scratch. i have read that the computer might just need to be cleared from all the codes but no one in my are works on polaris. if you have any information for me or trouble shooting tips that would be great. im soo close and am trying to fix this without traveling far!

    my black one on the other hand with 50 hours has oil in the coolant and when starting immediatly jumps to 8000 rpms when in my driveway. have not bothered putting it in the water yet bc i dont think that would change much being as my blue one doesnt do that. i have read on here that it could be the ppu assembly for the high idle and more than likely the oil in coolant in a head gasket just hard to believe with only 50 hours. i have a headgasket already and am going to start there just wanted some further output on the high idle and maybe someone else had this problem? any information at this time is greatly appreciated id really like to figure these out on my own so i know for future refrence! thanks alot!

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    and the blue ski idles just fun and doesnt do anything goofy it just wont go over 5900 rpms and 43 mph. and boost gauge wont go over half. maybe the ecu is in a safe mode? any help would be great thanks

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    Well... on the bright side... you have 2 MSX150s... so you have the ability to swap parts to test out stuff.

    As I understand, it is quite common for the MSX110/150 to rev high... high idle... when started out of the water. It is highly recommended to only start your ski out of the water with reverse engaged. The ECU will limit revs to ~3400 when reverse is engaged and prevent the crazy high idel/revs. Not every ski does this, but a lot do. Your black one does.

    So you've had the blue ski in the water... and it won't go over 5900 rpm and 43mph?
    ~5500 rpms is the soft rev limit when the engine is cold... are you running it long enough to warm up?
    I've also read that 5800 is max rpm when the ETB sensors don't match (there are 2 sensors, that constantly check each other).
    I believe it's possible to have these 2 similar sensors hooked up backwards... which causes problems... search for this topic
    Are you getting the red light on the "dash" indicator? Any other symbols flashing?

    I bet if you put this ski in the water... even just still tied on the trailer, you would not see the high revs at startup. Then you may be able to let it idle safely for a while and let it come up to temp and see if any red warning lights/indicators appear.
    If you suspect a blown head gasket... do a compression test... it should show as low compression.

    Have you done a compression test on either ski?
    Have you checked and made sure both wastegates are not suck (open/close)?
    Have you confirmed proper oil levels per the details found here (not owners manual)?
    -- bad instructions have lead to many oil overfills which lead to oil ingestion and foul many sensors and cause lots of headaches.

    Also... I have read that there are some codes that just won't clear from ECU and might cause issues. I've read this in numerous threads about folks rolling their skis and all the troubles this causes. It seems that having a Polaris/Weber dealer clear and reset the ECU has been able to be of help for some. I'm hoping 'Desperado' or other more knowledgeable folks will chime in on this too.

    Gather some more data and share with us... perhaps it will lead us all to the right solutions.

    Good luck!

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    Clean the MAP sensors and check oil level. It cannot be above min level line>>>>

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