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    Honda R-12 Battery

    Hi Guys, just got down to finally run for the first time, my new to me 2004 Honda R-12. I brought it down a week ago and when I got back the battery was dead, Its a new battery. I charged it and ran it, I really like it. It is a lot tippier than my Polaris, but to be fair the Polaris is a 3 seater. Anyway back to the problem, I let the Honda sit for a day or 2 and went to start it, would not start, the battery was charged so That was not the problem. I checked the main 30 amp fuse it was blown. I replaced it and all was well. I have been reading that Honda's have a problem with a small relay. I am not sure if my r-12 has the troublesome relay, if so is it next to the fuse block? Also if that relay is sticking I could see it draining the battery, but I did not hear the telltale buzzing. Thanks Mike.

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    Any one??

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    Change the main relay, since it will fail anyway. It is a pain to get the red connector released/off of it since it is hard to see behind the electrical box.

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    Thanks JR

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