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Thread: impeller ?

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    Question impeller ?

    i have an 06 rxp with an X charger and stage 1. I seem to run out of MPH in the low 70s im guessing its because of the 14/19 impeller.. should i re-pitch it for now and worry about a 15/20R one later on in the year when i up the charger or just buy a 15/20R now????????????? trying to be cost effective til my other buddies bust out their fast skis next month...Or is this a PIA big money expense heading my way????


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    Try pitching the 14/19 first if you are trying to be cost effective.

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    my 14/19 is pitched and im running 76-77 mph but on glass i can feel the prop holding me back.... but yes you can pitch it to according revs and ride

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    is there a how to on that??????????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbo_rafi View Post
    is there a how to on that??????????????
    Yes. There are two good ones

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    Pitch pitch pitch.
    Big difference in speed and no big hit to the wallet.

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    thanks a million guys!

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