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    1993 SL750 n00b questions

    I got a 1993 SL750 from a close friend. The craft has been sitting for a long time. I have tried starting it and it won't run. Started dissecting the problem and noticed fuel wasn't making it to the carbs.
    On the aft side of the fuel tank there's a collar that has lines that drop into the tank. As soon as I picked it up I noticed 2 lines were completely cracked up the sides all the way to the nipple they were seated on and a 3rd wasn't even there (it appears to be floating in the tank)
    I went to the local parts store and got some 1/4 ID clear fuel line and cut them all about the same length and put them on. The lines are curved hopefully they will straighten after a few days. I know I need to drain and empty the tank. I've put seafoam in there and it has mostly fresh gas I'm just trying to get something out of it..
    Are all 3 lines supposed to feed down into the tank?
    How can I track down where / why fuel isn't getting to the carbs? The black lines look ok. It looks like they go from the tank up to near the bars to the petcock and then back down. What are the odds that the petcock is bad? It squeaks when its turned.
    I'm not mechanically inclined at all. Computers I'm good with, engines not so much so if you can phrase any responses for the "Polaris for dummies" type I would appreciate it..

    Thank you in advance

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    You could temporarily bypass the petcock too see if it helps. Other things to check are pulse line and fuel pump itself.
    Pulse line is one that connect from fuel pump to engine crankcase. Make sure it's clear and not cracked.
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    I would recommend re building the whole fuel system if you like a running ski it will set you back about $320 and will get your mechanical side churning. Really its not that hard.

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