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    WTB 03 GTX SC Used performance parts!

    Bring me anything and everything to make my ski faster! I already have a pump wedge, riva intake, and new wear ring. Need anything else!

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    you would be looking for: x charger, external intercooler setup, bosch 42's, 215 FPR, 2004-2005 215 hp ecu, 160 thermostat, solas 12/20 impeller, aluminum pump, and some sort of air intake setup

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    I might consider selling my green wheel or possibly the whole charger pm if your interested. it currently has the 215 gear but I have a 185 gear also.
    Charger was just rebuilt.

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    Geeez...seems there is a spike in interest in the 185 platform the last few months...excited to see it!

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    hmmm ill pm you on the green wheel.

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    any one got a 13/20 prop laying around?

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    Show me some love.

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