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    1997 Yamaha GP1200 Question about Trim Cables, Aluminum tabs, etc

    I just purchased this ski from a buddy. It is in great shape minus the cosmetic stuff it will need. Paint, buff, gel coat minor repair, seat cover, new grips, floor mats etc. In great shape.

    1. Ok, the trim cables are detached (I assume because they are corroded etc) I have priced these items out ($245 for the pair) Any aftermarkets etc and is there a better way to fix this?

    2. I bought a oil block off plate. Don't trust oil injection.

    3. Should I redo the plastic trim tabs with the aluminum ones I found on here?

    4. There are two hose connectors on the pump the bottom left (looking at pump) is attahced. There is a upper/middle right side (looking at pump) that is not attached. I have the manual (factory service) but cannot find what it is or what it attaches too.

    5. Any other advice you may have to improve this ski (ride plate, intake grate, impellar etc) Just using it for fun rides on the weekends and the speed it has now seems fast enough. Just want to recondition it and enjoy it.

    Thanks for all your help and advice

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    Buy used trim cables on here or eBay.
    Eventually the plastic trims tabs will fail and you'll want aluminum ones.
    The hose you are talking about might be the visibility spout (Rooster tail). Alot of people block those off or disconnect them.

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