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    High end bogging

    I have a 200 GP1200R that I was having issues with lean runaway. Thinking it was around the reeds so I pulled everything sealed it all up and now I do not have that problem. However it is now bogging at high end and is going slower then it did last year. I have my carbs rejetted, flame arestors, d plate with chip, oil block off kit, and primer kit. When I had it all apart I set the carbs at the adjustments everyone on here uses but opened them about an 1/8 turn further it also has some old gas and plugs in it. The plugs look fine hadnt pulled them out yet after my first run though. It took awhile to bog but was slow right away. It was about after 20 min of hard riding did it start to bog. Do you guys think it could be a mixture of bad gas, plus, and carbs to fat. Or just carbs being fat cause it ran fine other then going slower untill about after 20 min. Thanks for your input.

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    Pull the plugs. If they are black and oily it's too rich. If they are really clean and white- they are lean.

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